TOTON Fall/Winter 2021 is an anthology of broken promises and memories persevering, of figures and motifs abundant in nostalgia, of heartbeats at our feet, of far-flung habitats and dreams confined.

In an ongoing effort to be mindful of consumption and waste, samples of the collection are produced entirely from materials available in the Studio. Inventory shirting fabrics, organza, tulle, lace developed for Sping/Summer 2017, repurposed denim explored further by treatments reminiscent of Spring/Summer 2019.

Details from previous collection are reconsidered and reworked. Cocoon Silhouettes, Cape, Overlay Details from Fall/Winter 2018 and 2019, macrame hats and belts - elements found throughout our Spring/Summer 2016, and padding quilting techniques from Fall/Winter 2020.

Inspired by batik biron and blue and white pottery our designer's late mother used to collect, the collection palette also informed the motifs that decorate the handmade accessories such as earrings, rings, paper clay body plates and hand-painted shoes.

Shaped by recent times, the collection reflects on the true meaning of home.